Letters From a Shuttered Country

Letters from a shuttered country- a psychological novel of redemption by Chris Steed

Comment from Reviewers
Letters from a Shuttered Country is a revealing book centered on redemption. Chris Steed steadily develops the story, with small and crucial pieces of information leading to an unexpected reveal at the end of the book. The writing is so creatively done that the characters exhibit emotions, values, and an understanding of the concept of humanity. With its peculiar style and tone, the work takes one through a profound journey of second chances. It also discusses philosophical and psychological matters that draw the reader in, and love is portrayed in many forms, such as beautifully written and heartfelt poetry. This book is a symbol of hope, family, friendship, solidarity, forgiveness, and redemption.

I must say that this book is well-written; it holds a lot of emotions and depth. I loved reading this book in this period because it signifies hope and love. It is just so realistic and relatable. (It is hard to believe it is a fiction work.) Although the beginning is a bit slow and confusing, the end is absolutely wonderful and unexpected. I especially love the relationship between Katie and her father. Furthermore, the work was professionally edited.

I award this book a rating of 3 out of 4 stars. It employs real-life and relatable events, making it stand out from most other books related to the pandemic. This book also consists of an appendix of poems written by Bill to Beth and Katie on momentous occasions. This series of poems are very touching and beautifully written. Kudos to the writer. Violence and vulgar words are absent from this book, so I recommend it for all audiences. I would also recommend it for people who love inspirational fiction works.
Review Team
4th November 2020

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PageTurner Press and Media December 2020