Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website!

So glad you popped in…

In the revamped material, you will find reference to the exciting projects in Totton that speak of renewing the church and renewing the life of the earth.

‘What will Spring be like?’ spoke to the crisis in value that the pandemic has highlighted, including the value of nature. The word ‘crisis’ comes from the idea of ‘cross roads’. We are poised to see life differently.

That is true of me personally as I navigate the waters of moving from the front-line church leadership I have been doing for 25 years to being a Priest in a different way. I relinquish care for a Parish (the ‘cure of souls’) and will now teach others to help people flourish. Shortly, I begin a new role as Programme Lead and Lecturer n counselling and theology at the London School of Theology.

In these pages also, you will find a new section that is already growing called ‘The Seven Songs’. This is a combination of spirituality, mysticism and religious philosophy based on Ecclesiastes. Watch this space.

The 4th book written in this crazy year, ‘The Red Stain of Cain’ is about violence and the atonement. It awaits publication.

Please get in touch…