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Make big plans…deep into the future

These words are from the curious 18th century polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. This multi-talented German engaged with just about the whole range of human endeavour available to a tireless observer of nature and eagle-eyed critic of art and society. The saying is quoted in ‘What will Spring be like?’ which is now published and out there on Amazon etc as an e-book and paperback.

I write as a Christian leader, activist and academic so this is offered with the prayer that the church is better able to be a social as well as a spiritual movement. Its call for racial, economic and environmental justice as well as social solidarity represent an holistic agenda for dimensions that stood out in the pandemic as being vital to value. Building a fairer society where human dignity can flourish as rightly related to each other AND to nature does not take away from an even deeper need for right-standing with God.

The book is offered as a sort of Beveridge Report for our times along with a lockdown novel published simultaneously . ‘Letters from a Shuttered Country’ endeavours to be a serious piece of writing in which pandemic people try to sort out their own mortality. It comes with a mix of literature, intrigue, philosophical discussion and poetry.

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