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Hello everyone and warm wishes for a 2021 that is less unremittingly grim than its predecessor that has now passed into the history books! We are poised to see life differently.

One day soon we will wake up from the present time. When I was at Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) in Australia a few years ago, I was stuck by the concept of ‘dreamtime’ held by indigenous peoples. Many now have been rendered alone with the dreams they have chased. As we move on in the years, often what sustains us are unfulfilled illusions of the night. And then comes a wake-up moment. Dreams are to dream, not to realise. In death, all are the same, no matter what their dreams. In our time, there is a strong resonance with not being at home in the world. Ill at ease, we have become an enigma to ourselves. We prefer a more comfortable past.

The revised pages here refer to ‘the Seven Songs’. This attempts to write a religious philosophy with 2020 vision. Many are songs of lament, written in global pandemic. In a time when a Christian framework for life and faith seems outmoded, the Seven Songs shows why it is robust and relevant to big themes that are playing in the world. It is no dream of the night exposed by the light of day.

Though available for ministry in the Bournemouth area, I have now moved from 25 years in the ‘cure of souls’ to the care of souls to teach others to help people flourish. As Programme Lead in counselling and theology at the London School of Theology, I have been endeavouring to work out a new account of the relationship between counselling and theology for a full picture of human concerns. This has been a life-long quest since 50 years since, I wholeheartedly embraced Christian faith soon after reading Freud’s ‘Interpretation of Dreams’ piqued interest in big ideas of psychology.

The 4th book written in this crazy year, ‘The Red Stain of Cain’ is about violence and the atonement. It awaits publication in the Spring together with the Seven Songs.

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