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The unlocking of life

As I write these words, it is being announced that in England at least, restrictions because of Covid are being eased. The grim life of the last year and more is coming to an end!

The unlocking of life will hold different meanings for different people. For many a full return to work and office folklore. For most a happy return of the activity and social life that has seemed like ancient history; an exit from the dominance of two dimensional encounter into meeting and greeting in person.

In these pages, under Covid Times you will find a paper I wrote for a Sociology of Religion conference this month about the impact of Zoom-sphere in re-writing social space.

Now they have been published, you will find reference to ‘The Seven Songs’, a take on how we put life together post-pandemic. How do we navigate the whole order of things after a shock of simply staggering proportions to how we used to perform our existence? What has become of the lazy assumptions we used to have about how life unfolds? The Seven Songs is a faith-based rationale for a framework for thinking about our existence we thought we had left behind. It shows I hope why a Christian view of life is the most compelling and joined up there is. Those who want lots of rational arguments better look elsewhere. If you enjoy a somewhat mystical take on things, come for the ride.

It is on Amazon etc and being publicised through media in formats such as these.

In tandem, ‘The Red Stain of Cain’ is also available. This is a very different kind of book about violence and the cross. How is it that those who espouse a high view of the cross (‘Jesus died for my sins’) can so easily collude with violence? Where on earth have been the theological antibodies to this blindness?

The need for the unlocking of life comes close to home for so many in a different way. For they are trapped in a confusion of mental health concern as maybe long-Covid presses upon them with a ravaged mind as well as body. At London School of Theology we are thinking hard about how we can align more effectively faith and theology together with the vital realm and role of counselling that can sometimes seem at odds with it. There is  need for a new conversation in this field that can also take on board the ways that race and gender have re-shaped society and which so often surface in the therapeutic space. It may well be that you have been one of the countless who have been locked up people living a locked up life because of the shackles of the past that need to be removed piece by peace.

May you be unlocked in every way!