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The presentation this week for the virtual US Eastern Psychology Association (EPA) is included under Covid-Times.

I reference two social issues in the forefront right now.

Black lives matter – throughout their lives, the lived experience of black people is that they are de-humanised, treated as unequal, deemed less important and of less value than the systems of social and political life allow. Structural barriers hold people back – it is not a question of failure in individual effort.  As a placard in a recent Civil Rights march in Washington read, ‘we matter’!

Deaths of despair- deaths by suicide, alcohol-related liver disease and drug overdose have risen rapidly since the mid-1990’s amongst the uneducated. The Pandemic has sharpened inequalities everywhere and we await it’s sad legacy.

Wanted: a strong theory as to how these social issues are so damaging to our inner fabric. Hence the presentation.

I’m developing an agenda that probes if the pandemic is creating conditions for transformative change. It’s called ‘What will Spring be like?’ Watch this space…..

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