Everything is being up-ended; all we rely on is being shaken; nothing is certain. Our designer clothes, our flash car, our amazing job- what does any of that matter at the moment. How did we get to a situation where a once-in-a hundred-year event could disrupt so profoundly the way we live now? Social solidarity is called for but at the very same time so is social distancing. We are being brought together yet kept apart. What strange combination. Community action is springing up such as grass-roots groups here as well as things National Health service volunteers (I’m waiting to be assigned some tasks!). Longer term, we will get through this with God’s help and a new collective resolve to build a different future; a future where people come first – even those that have seem to have little value; especially those that seem to have less worth. Let’s hear it for those who keep our country ticking over, the low income people who regularly go unnoticed because they matter less yet they are the really vital people, the ones doing the crucial jobs we need.

So when we walk back into reality, let it be with hope and prayer that we can build a very different value system, not based on money that has dubious value but on the value of people and the value of our staggeringly beautiful world we lost sight of.

In the meantime, physical distancing does not equate to social distancing…..